SGS-Polymers (Application fields)
Removal of Zinc, Lead, Copper, Cadmium and
Mercury from Waste Water



Removal of zinc, lead, copper, cadmium and
mercury from waste water
zu: Abtrennung von Zink, Blei, Kupfer, Cadmium und Quecksilber aus Abwasser
Removal of arsenic from wash solutions
of the sulphuric acid production
zu: Abtrennung von Arsen aus Waschlösungen der Schwefelsäureproduktion


Removal of zinc, lead, copper, cadmium and

mercury from waste water


Normally, waste water from non-ferrous metallurgy plants is purified by precipitation of hydroxides. The precipitant is calcium hydroxide. But this treatment is insufficient for dumping the waste water in the sewer. An after-purification is usually necessary.

The non-ferrous selective SGS-polymer type 81 can be used for the after-purification. Throughputs of 1800 - 2000 bed volumes per hour are possible during the sorption and the regeneration process. A solution of common salt is applied for the regeneration. The concentration of non-ferrous metals is reduced by 95 - 97 %. The concentration of non-ferrous metals in the eluent amounts to 900 - 1000 times the concentration in the waste water.

A modified SGS-polymer of type 11 was successfully used for removal of mercury from industrial water. The tested wash solutions (from the demolition of former chlorine producing plant) contained up to 28 mg mercury per litre. The following figure shows the efficiency of the mercury sorption on the modified SGS-11. The slightly raised effluent concentrations at the beginning of the sorption process are caused by the activation stage of the SGS-polymers.

Fig.: Feed concentration of mercury in comparison with effluent concentration as a function of the through-put of waste water during a sorption process of mercury on modified SGS-11 (sorbent volume: 3 l)

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